The quality management system is approved by Hebei Food and Drug Administration in September, 2006. In 2012, EN ISO 13485 is certified, the devices and reagents are CE marked. It proves that the company's quality management system has been effectively implemented and maintained, and the company's products have been highly guaranteed.

Our POC products are in full control from development to use, forming a quality assurance chain.

Based on the internationally pioneered three level quality control system, hipro pays attention to the traceability of calibration. It realizes the triple calibration of the physical calibration , real-time internet calibration and third-party quality control through traceable calibration materials. It better solves the problem of test misalignment caused by the influence of external complicated factors, and realizes accurate detection of POC.

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Unique Physical standard liquid, trace to ANSI national standard

Internet real-time calibration, guarantee the results accuracy

Third party control from Bio-rad or Randox to fulfill the system calibration

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