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Hipro focuses on R & D, manufacturing, marketing, and relevant services of point-of-care products. Day in day out, Hipro biotechnology is committed to innovating in the field of accurate diagnostic systems including instrumentation, reagents, service, as well as data management. Distributed in 100 countries through a network of distributors, we can guarantee our customer's superior service and a product portfolio that meets the demand.

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    Primary Medical Care

    The medical guardian spans 3,000 kilometers from Beijing to Yunnan. As for the Rabbit Street community clinic, in Nanhua County, Yi Autonomous Prefecture of Chuxiong Yunnan Province, the mountains blocked the residents from outside. The geological location itself became a natural barrier to share the advanced medical service. As a professional IVD company, Hipro has been delivering equipment to the remote areas several years ago, and doctors from the clinic can treat the villagers without transferring to a county hospital.

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    Departments POCT

    Hipro assists more than 1,000 clinics to conduct departmental tests every year. Most of the pediatric emergencies in these clinics are fever and infection. There used to occur situations where children have to wait for a long time from billing to test results, which generally costs 2-3 hours. That situation has been greatly improved after Hipro biotechnology delivered inspection equipment to every department. From receiving the patient to billing, it will cost only 10 minutes now. The number of waiting children has been reduced obviously.

Why Choose Hipro

Hipro Biotechnology Corp, founded on September 29th, 2006, is a high-tech enterprise based on international advanced medical technologies and brilliant self-innovations to provide first-class products all over the world. Hipro focuses on R&D, manufacturing, marketing, and relevant services of Point-of-Care products. Hipro, with the reagent R&D Center at Silicon Valley, USA, and instrument R&D Center at Freiburg, Germany, and production base in China - Hebei Province, has established branches in San Francisco, Freiburg,  Beijing, Suzhou, Chengdu, Guangzhou, etc. And having launched 3.69 acres industrial park project in China Medical City, Hipro adheres to the core values of simplicity, integrity, diligence, and excellence. Hipro's continuous strive for a better design of in vitro diagnostic solutions has ensured the user a simpler operational experience, faster and accurate test results, and better service, makes us a leading figure in the healthcare field.

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    Distributed in 100 countries and regions through a network of distributors.

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    The product portfolio comprises 75+ parameters.

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    Trusted by customers all over the world for over 17 years.

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    As one of the professional point of care diagnostics companies in China, Hipro has 60+ products that had received CE certificate.

Hipro has obtained 180 authorized patents, including more than 10 invention patents, more than 50 CFDA registration certificates, and 53 registered projects.