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Rheumatism Test

Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is a systemic autoimmune disease that is prone to joint destruction, resulting in joint deformities, rigidity and varying degrees of disability, and loss of function. Once the diagnosis requires long-term drug treatment, and the long-term use of the treatment drug has obvious side effects; in addition, missed diagnosis, misdiagnosis will delay the disease, aggravate the occurrence of joint deformity, and multiple complications. An early and accurate rheumatism test is an important principle in the diagnosis of RA.

Types of Rheumatism Tests

What Are the First Signs of Rheumatism

Rheumatism refers to a type of disease mainly caused by muscle and joint pain. It mainly affects the connective tissues of the body and may be caused by damage to the immune system. The early symptoms mainly include the following aspects: 

1. Feeling of sleepiness in the limbs. 

Since the development of the disease is chronic, it will gradually damage the body's righteousness, so there will be fatigue and loss of appetite. 

2. Restricted activities. 

With the invasion of wind, cold and dampness, the condition will gradually worsen. Patients will experience joint stiffness, especially when they wake up in the morning, which is relieved after exercise. 

3. Feeling abnormal. 

Patients will also experience local skin paresthesias, such as numbness and heaviness.

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