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  • What's 3-Level Calibration System?

    1) Physical calibration by standard liquid traced to ANSI.

    2) Standard curve calibration.

    3) System calibration by custom quality control supplied by Bio-Rad/Randox.

  • What is the temperature range for the liquid phase reagent to be stored? How to maintain the temperature in the process of transportation?

    The temperature range is 2~8℃. Liquid reagents are transported in refrigerated packaging using insulated aluminum foil and foam boxes as well as ice packs.

  • What methodologies are used for A1,A3 and Hurricane?

    A1& A3: Nephelometry, Biochemistry, Turbidimetry, Immunofluoresence. Hurricane: Nephelometry.

  • What is the significance of remote updates of standard curve?

    In order to ensure the accuracy of the test, we provide remote calibration. When connected to the Internet, A1&A3 will automatically calibrate the curve according to the batch number of the reagent. Hurricane requires brushing the IC card that comes with each batch of reagents to update the curve.

  • What is the delivery time of the test reagent?

    Because of the relatively long customs process, as well as the declaration and commodity inspection of special products, the overall delivery time is about one week.

  • How is the after-sales service?

    Assign engineers online for remote technical support to solve 90% of problems; In case of offline machine failure, the module can be replaced by remote guidance during the warranty period, and on-site maintenance will be dispatched under special circumstances.

  • How do I determine which product I need?

    Pre-sale professional sales consultant will analyze the testing needs of each customer and make the most appropriate purchase suggestions accordingly.

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