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Liver Test Kit

The liver is the main site of protein synthesis and catabolism. Liver damage can cause changes in serum transferrin (TRF) and prealbumin (PA) levels. Therefore, TRF and PA can accurately and sensitively reflect liver synthesis and protein metabolism. It is a sensitive indicator for determining liver damage. As a professional medical reagents manufacturer in China, Hipro can provide you with high-quality liver test kits to achieve convenient and fast detection. Types of liver function test kits are as follow, contact us for more information, especially liver function test kit price.

Types of Liver Function Test Kits

What Blood Test Shows Liver Damage

What are the main blood biochemical test indicators that reflect liver damage:

1. Serum albumin. 

The liver's ability to synthesize serum albumin is reduced if you have liver injury, and the albumin content is directly proportional to the number of functional liver cells.

2. Prothrombin time. 

The liver synthesizes a lot of clotting factors, which can lead to a longer clotting time when damaged.

3. Serum bilirubin. 

In cholestatic injury or biliary infarction, serum bilirubin levels increase.

4. Fuel clearance test. 

The experimental design is the rate at which the dye is cleared by the liver and its elimination from the blood.

5. Drug clearance test. 

The design is based on the effect of liver damage on biotransformation.

6. Determination of serum liver enzymes. 

Serum enzyme indexes mainly include ALT, AST, ALP and GGTP.

As one of the professional diagnostic reagents suppliers in China, Hipro can offer liver function test kit to meet all your needs.

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