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Renal Function Test

The kidney is an important excretory organ of the human body. Its main function is to filter and form urine and discharge metabolic waste, regulate the electrolyte and acid-base balance in the body, and participate in regulating blood pressure, erythropoiesis, and calcium metabolism. Therefore, many diseases are caused by kidney damage. For kidney injury, early diagnosis and early treatment is the most effective way. 

As a professional point of care testing product manufacturer in China, Hipro can provide you with a high-quality renal profile blood tests at reasonable prices. Feel free to contact us for more info. We make the renal function test kit to determine the content of relevant markers in the human body to diagnose or assist in the diagnosis of renal function status or renal diseases. The main use scenarios of our products include but are not limited to laboratories, hospitals and clinics.

Types of Renal Function Tests

Renal Function Test Range

As a mature reagent manufacturer in China, Hipro has a wide range of renal function blood test including HbA1C test, MALB test, CysC test, NGAL test, α1-MG test, β2-MG test and RBP blood test. Our renal function test kits can be used for blood, urine, human and serum and plasma testing. In terms of blood test vs urine test for kidney function, both urine and blood tests are equally important for kidney functions. Among Hipro renal function test kit products, urine samples are mainly used for mAlb, α1-MG and Cre.

Importance of Renal Function Test And Renal Function Test Uses

Healthy kidneys can filter wastes and extra water out of your blood to make urine. Renal function refers to the function of the kidney to excrete metabolic wastes in the body, maintain the stability of electrolytes such as sodium, potassium and calcium, and maintain acid-base balance. Kidney diseases is one of the major diseases threatening human health. Renal function damage caused by various reasons has become a common concern in clinic. The early mild renal lesions have certain reversibility, but the early clinical symptoms are not obvious, miss the best period of treatment. Therefore, it is of great significance to be familiar with early renal function indexes for early detection, early diagnosis and early treatment of renal function damage. Among them, the glomerular markers cystatin C (CysC) and neutrophil gelatinase-associated lipocalin (NGAL) are specific indicators for early diagnosis of renal injury.

Renal function blood test is to find or rule out potential kidney damage or disease by determining the content of different types of types of renal function test. Renal function blood test kits can help make auxiliary diagnosis of renal tubular injury and the early diagnosis, prevention, treatment and Improvement of the prognosis of acute kidney injury.

What Causes Abnormal Kidney Function Blood Test?

  • The operation is not performed according to the renal function test kit instructions;

  • Use the renal function test kit product beyond the expiry date;

  • Repeat freeze-thaw samples.

How Do You Test For Kidney Function?

  • Sample Preparation: The renal function test kit is equilibrated to room temperature, take samples by capillary in front of the sample collector, insert the sample collector into the cuvette.

  • Make A Test: insert the R2 reagent into R1 cuvette, insert the R1 cuvette into the test channel, the test will be done automatically, The results will be displayed on the window and printed.

  • If you are interested, we have renal function test kit operation videos like HbA1c test kit video and other kidney test kit videos on Hipro resource page, welcome to watch more renal function test kit vodeos.

How Does Blood Test Show Kidney Function?

Hipro renal function test kits use Rate Scattering Turbidimetric Method. Rate scattering turbidimetric method measures the binding speed of antigen and antibody in unit time. Rate method measures the maximum reaction rate, that is, the amount of complex formed when antigen and antibody reaction reaches the highest peak. The peak value is proportional to the concentration of the substance to be measured. The method has the characteristics of rapid, sensitive and high precision. The biggest advantage of the method is rapid, does not have to wait for the antigen and antibody to reach the balance, saves the reaction time greatly, and has high sensitivity.

How Does Hipro Ensure Renal Function Blood Test Accuracy?

Hipro POCT manufacturer has 3 Level Calibration System to ensure renal function test kit accuracy: Physical Calibration, Real-time Online Calibration, and System Calibration are all available for Hipro's automated immunoassay analyzers, which can timely ensure the accuracy of test kits. In addition, Hipro offers dedicated quality control products manufactured in collaboration with Bio-Rad/Randox, USA.

Renal Function Test Kit PDF to Download

Beta2 Microglobulin Serum Test Kit Instruction Manual

CYSC Test Kit Instruction Manual

Microglobulin Blood Test Kit Instruction Manual

NGAL Test Kit Instruction Manual

RBP Blood Test Kit Instruction Manual

Urine Microalbumin Test Kit Instruction Manual

Why Choose Hipro As Your Kidney Function Test Kit Supplier?

  • 3-level Calibration System can assure reliable and accurate results.

  • Hipro's renal function test kits are characterized by high accuracy and sensitivity.

  • As the carrier of renal function test reagents, Hipro's original SimplyRead all-in-one sampler can achieve accurate quantitative sampling, and effectively avoid human error.

  • Reagent preloaded, calibration of each batch of reagent, single package for liquid reagents, which makes the reagents have long stability.

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