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Big News Alert! Stanford University Cardiovascular Research Institute has just welcomed a addition: Hipro A1 Automated Immunoassay System!

On March 19th, 2024, Hipro’s Automated Immunoassay Analyzer was successfully deployed in Stanford Cardiovascular Institute and successfully completed the first experiment. The experiment is based on the topic of "the effect of high prealbumin on cardiovascular disease", which is operated by Dr. Xia of Hipro R&D Center for Diagnostic Reagents, USA and completed by Prof. Zehra's team of Stanford Cardiovascular Institute.


Stanford Cardiovascular Institute is the most important global institution in this field of cardiovascular research, many top level scientific talents are gathered together here. It is always in the leading position of the cardiovascular research , and it has helped numbers of patients in U.S local hospitals to carry out diseases data testing and analysis. The utilization of Hipro’s Automated Immunoassay Analyzer will greatly enhance the frequency of specimens analysis, the ability to obtain instant results and the data accuracy in cardiovascular research, and provide strong technical support for the research teams to overcome cardiovascular diseases difficulties.

The Stanford Cardiovascular Institute has been committed to the in-depth study of cardiovascular diseases, and constantly looked for new ways to improve the efficiency and accuracy of research. As a renowned expert in the field of cardiovascular diseases, Prof. Zehra has been searching for advanced equipments which can improve the efficiency and accuracy of research. In October 2023, Prof. Zehra emailed us and showed deep interest in the high-precision instruments of Hipro. 


The excellent performance of Hipro’s liquid phase platform enables the laboratory to analyze samples at any time and obtain experimental results quickly. After four months communication, Hipro’s Automated Immunoassay Analyzer has been successfully entered into the procurement list of Stanford Cardiovascular Institute due to its high accuracy, wide linear range and high sensitivity.

For the first experiment, the Stanford Cardiovascular Institute highly appreciated the performance of Hipro’s Automated Immunoassay Analyzer and expects this instrument to bring more breakthroughs to their research teams.


This cooperation is another cross-border alliance between Hipro and top international research institutes. The combination of the scientific research strength of Stanford Cardiovascular Institute and the technological advantages of Hipro is expected to produce a series of scientific research results and technological innovations with great influence. With the deepening of the cooperation, we mutual parties will certainly usher in the leaping development of our respective fields, and along with the landing of the results, it will also bring more far-reaching impact for the Cardiovascular medical industry.