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FOB+TRF Test Kit

Zoan Fecal Occult Blood / Transferrin Combo Test Kit 


image.pngEarly Bowel Cancer Screening

image.pngNo pain & Non-invasive Detection

image.pngFast Result in 5 Minutes

image.pngHome Test

image.pngCombined Test-2 result in 1 test

image.pngEasy operation with integrated design

image.pngClean and Odourless

image.pngHigh accuracy&Specificity

Early screening of Colon Cancer can save millions of lives


ShapePen shape
Size1 test/Kit: 17*9*2.6cm


Shelflife24 months
SpecificityFOB, TRF≥98%
CertificateCE, ISO13485, FDA Device listing


 Easy to test at Home. Let's  learn how to use
by Video in 65 seconds



Q: What is Zoan Test Kit used for?

A:  Zoan Test Kit is used for testing occult blood in feces. Feces occult blood is an early sign of Colorectal Cancer.

Q:   What is Feces Occult Blood?more-than-eighty-percent-of-crc-patients-are-test-positive-for-fences-occult-blood-test.jpg

A:   We commonly think if we bleed, we can see it with our eyes. In fact, there is one kind of bleeding that is "silent", which cannot be seen by our naked eye. This is "occult blood".           Feces Occult blood cannot be seen by the naked eye, nor by a microscope, but it can be tested and identified by some scientific testing method (FOB test).

Q:  Who needs to do FOB test and Why?

A:Everyone 45 years and older at average risk for colorectal cancer needs to get screened. Even if you don't have a family history or symptoms - because early stage of colorectal cancer might not have symptoms at all, while feces occult blood might be the only symptom. Colon cancer is the 3rd most commonly occurring cancer in both men and women—of all races.

Q: What is the basic principle of the Feces Occult Blood Test?

A:  Applying colloidal gold testing technology, the FOB Rapid Test uses an immunochemical methodology to detect (Hb) levels in human feces samples.

Q: What is the difference between Zoan compared to other FOB Tests?

A:  Zoan has both FOB and TRF in one test. In addition, the integrated design, which allows the test process in only one action  (to turn Zoan upside down), is unique in the global market. Zoan test has gained CE for home test qualification, with accuracy proven by the scientific method of more than 90%. 

Q: What certifications does Zoan have?

A: Zoan has CE, ISO13485.

Q: How can I get a Zoan Kit?

A: You can order it on this site, or other online shops where Zoan are available. You can also go to your local drug store and check if they have Zoan or not.


Q: What should I do if I get an invalid result? 

A: Manual operating error may cause invalid results. It is suggested to use a new one to re-test.

Q: What is shelflife of Zoan?

A: 24 months.

Q: I want to be a distributor of Zoan, what is MOQ?

A:  1000 kits.

Q: I want to know more details about Zoan and Hipro, where can I find further info?

A: File of Zoan Presentation and Package Insert is available to download below.

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