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Microelement Test

Nowadays, people pay more and more attention to maternal health, child health, and elderly health. The main concern is the absorption of calcium and the development of bones. The content of microelements and macroelements in the body is very important for our health. The main function of 25-hydroxyvitamin D (25-OH-VD) is to induce the synthesis of calcium-binding protein, which promotes the absorption of calcium by small intestinal mucosal cells, which is beneficial to the skeletal development of fetuses, children, and the elderly. Lack of 25-OH-VD will affect the absorption of calcium in the human body and lead to diseases such as maternal dysplasia, rickets in children, and osteoporosis in the elderly.

As a mature medical reagents manufacturer in China, Hipro provides many types of microelement tests related to several microelements in the microelement list.

Microelement Tests List

  • Human 25-Hydroxyvitamin D (25'-VD) Test
    The 25-hydroxyvitamin-d test kit is used to determine the content of 25-hydroxy-Vitamin D (25-OH-VD) in human serum, it is mainly used for the auxiliary diagnosis of vitamin D deficiency-related diseases.
  • Ferritin Test
    The fer blood test kit is used to detect the content of Ferritin (FER) in human serum. it is mainly used for the auxiliary diagnosis of iron metabolism-related diseases.

What is a Micronutrient Test?

Micronutrient test is a blood test and comprehensive nutrient analysis which measures functional deficiencies at the cellular level of a person's nutritional status. 25-hydroxy-Vitamin D and ferritin of microelements can be detected by microelement tests provided by Hipro.25-OH-VD deficiency can lead to children's calcium and phosphorus absorption disorders. Bone and teeth can not develop normally. Severe cases can lead to rickets. Adults can develop osteomalacia. Ferritin is one of the main forms of iron stored in the human body. It has the ability to bind iron and store iron to maintain the supply of iron in the body and the relative stability of hemoglobin. The ferritin blood test is the most sensitive indicator for detecting iron deficiency in the body. The test is used to diagnose iron deficiency anemia, liver disease, etc., and is also one of the markers of malignant tumors.

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