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Immune Globulin A (IgA) Test

The iga test kit is used to determine the content of Immunoglobulin A (IgA) in human serum, it is mainly used for the evaluation of immune function and auxiliary diagnosis of immune diseases.

Testing Principle of Immune Globulin A (IgA) Test

  • The immunoglobulin A in the sample specifically binds to the sheep anti-human immunoglobulin A antibody to form the antigen-antibody complexes.

  • The complexes will produce the phenomenon of light scattering which is proportional to the intensity of scattered light and samples of IgA levels.

  • Using a specific protein analyzer to measure the intensity of scattered light, the concentration of IgA is determined by comparing the turbidity of samples to the standard concentration.

Basic Parameters of Immune Globulin A (IgA) Test

  • Specimen: serum.

  • Test time: 300 seconds.

  • Packing: 25 Tests/ Kit.

  • Box Size: 17*10*8cm.

  • Storage: 2-8℃.

  • Shelf life: 1 year.

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