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Anti-CCP, A Signal Lamp For Rheumatoid Arthritis

1. Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA)

Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is a systemic autoimmune disease mainly characterized by symmetric polyarthroinflammation and bone destruction. The development process of the disease generally begins with joint destruction, then joint deformity and stiffness, and finally leads to various degrees of disability and loss of function.


The incidence of RA in China is about 0.42%, and the total population of RA is about 5 million. Once diagnosed, long-term drug treatment is needed, and long-term use of therapeutic drugs has obvious side effects. In addition, missed diagnosis and misdiagnosis will delay the disease, aggravate the occurrence of joint deformity and a number of complications.

2. Key points of RA diagnosis and treatment

Early diagnosis and treatment of RA must be conducted before bone erosion, so as to effectively prevent joint destruction and prevent joint deformity and function loss. Therefore, early (earlier than clinical symptoms), accurate and objective serological indicators are needed.


3. Value of anti-CCP in the diagnosis and treatment of RA

  • Anti-CCP can be used as the best indicator for early RA diagnosis:

Anti-CCP has the characteristics of high sensitivity, strong specificity, and early diagnosis of RA patients, so it is of great clinical significance to grasp the clinical effective treatment time window within 2 years.

  • Anti-CCP is significantly correlated with the changes in the condition, joint destruction, and prognosis of RA patients:

Anti-CCP is closely related to the severity of the disease, especially the erosive imaging changes. Therefore, anti-CCP can be used in RA monitoring and prognosis evaluation.

  • Combination detection of anti-CCP, RF, CRP, and ASO:

At present, there is no single test item that can take into account both sensitivity and specificity in RA detection. Anti-CCP, RF, CRP, ASO combined detection can improve the sensitivity and specificity of RA diagnosis, and can be used in the differential diagnosis of rheumatic diseases, early diagnosis, and prognosis assessment of RA.

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