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Introduction to medical equipment: Biochemistry Analyzer

Definition of biochemistry analyzer

The biochemistry analyzer is an instrument that measures a specific chemical composition in body fluids based on the principle of photoelectric colorimetry. It uses the steps of sampling, adding reagents, removing interferences, mixing, heat preservation, colorimetry, result calculation, and cleaning in biochemical analysis. A testing device that is partially or completely completed by an instrument that imitates manual operation. The biochemical instrument mainly provides clinical biochemistry, clinical hematology, clinical immunology and other test items for laboratory medicine at all levels of hospitals, and is used for clinical biochemical indicators such as liver function, kidney function, blood lipids, diabetes, infection, rheumatism, etc. The inspection, which provides important scientific basis for the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases, is necessary monitoring equipment for hospitals.

Classification of biochemistry analyzers

There are many types of biochemistry analyzers. According to the degree of automation, they are divided into semi-automatic and fully automatic biochemical analyzers. Fully automatic biochemical analyzers are optical-mechanical integrated clinical biochemical and pathological testing equipment, which are fast, simple, sensitive, accurate, standardized, and micro According to the structure of the reaction device, it is divided into pipeline continuous flow, discrete, and centrifugal biochemical automatic analyzers; according to the reaction method, it is divided into liquid and dry biochemical automatic analyzers. Dry chemical analyzers are currently mostly used in emergency and on-site laboratory tests. ; According to the complexity and function of the instrument, it is divided into small, medium and large automatic analyzers; according to the response speed, it is divided into low speed, medium high speed and high speed.

The principle of biochemistry analyzer

The biochemistry analyzer adopts the spectrophotometric method, and its basic measurement principle is based on Beer's law. Lambert-Beer law is the basic law of spectrophotometry, which describes the strength of a substance's absorption of light at a certain wavelength and light-absorbing substances The relationship between the concentration and the thickness of the liquid layer.

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