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POCT - Application and Quality Control of Instant Inspection Instrument

Ⅰ. Basic characteristics and requirements of POCT instrument

According to the meaning of POCT, POCT instruments should meet the following elements or characteristics:

1. The instrument is miniaturized, easy to carry, and does not require the supply of experimental sites and water and electricity. Therefore, the POCT instrument is also known as mobile digital technology.

2. The operation is simple, and the experiment can be completed in general 3-4 steps. The specimens can usually be used directly without complicated pretreatment auxiliary equipment. Non-inspectors can also be proficient in testing after training.

3. Real-time reporting and shortening the inspection period (TAT) are essential elements and characteristics of POCT instruments. Without the core of instant reporting, there is no need for POCT equipment.

The general report time is within 3-20 minutes, which can win precious time for timely diagnosis and treatment, which is the highlight of the POCT instrument.

4. The instrument and supporting reagents should be equipped with quality control products, which can monitor the working status of the instrument and reagents, and detect problems in the detection in time, effectively preventing the inaccurate inspection results of the POCT instrument from being issued.

5. Evaluation of the clinical value and sociological significance of the instrument test items: the timeliness requirements in the hospital are strong, and the immediate report is an item of important significance for the patient's timely diagnosis and treatment, or the rescue of the patient's life.

Outside the hospital, health care supporters are searching for ways to reduce the number of people going to the hospital. The development of the POCT project is conducive to improving the overall health and disease prevention measures of the people. It is one of the ways to manage patients outside the hospital. POCT can improve the health of the whole people. The level plays a role, and its social significance is huge.

6. The application of POCT instrument reagents should not cause health damage to patients and staff or adverse effects on environmental pollution.

Ⅱ. Some suggestions on the application and quality control of POCT apparatus

1. The choice of the instrument should be selected with advanced functions and in line with several major elements of the POCT instrument: collect relevant information before purchasing. Consider from various aspects such as instrument performance, price, training, maintenance, and manufacturer's license.

2. Strengthen the organization and management of POCT products. At present, the clinical inspection centers of various provinces and cities in China have carried out a full range of quality management on the clinical inspection, biochemistry, immunity, and bacteria of traditional inspections, including indoor quality control and inter-room quality control, as well as various quality controls The establishment of the assessment system effectively guarantees the quality of traditional inspections.

Because the POCT of the laboratory has the basis of traditional inspection management, the inspection results can often be compared with large instruments and are relatively better. However, clinical POCT operated by clinicians and nurses has relatively many problems due to lack of examination background and insufficient operation skills. From this point of view, POCT organization management is the first measure to improve quality.

3. Establishing effective quality control measures and improving the scientific and technological content of instrument reagents are important measures for quality assurance. The particularity of POCT quality control is different from the traditional biochemical large-scale instrument determination method.

The reagent plates, strips, blocks, and each detection unit used by POCT are self-contained systems. For the liquid reagents used in the large-scale biochemical analyzers, after the calibration of the standard products and the curve, the error of the system is well known.

However, each reagent plate used in POCT is affected by various factors such as storage conditions, and there may be errors between each one. Therefore, the requirements for reagent plates are higher than those for liquid reagents.

Quality control should be differentiated for different objects. Hospital POCT users should refer to the traditional inspection model, establish quality control procedures, and accept the supervision of the clinical inspection center's indoor quality control and the evaluation of the inter-room quality control and blind spot inspection. The quality control should be mainly in charge of the inspection department.

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